New Year New Beginning

This is to inform all the students, parents, guardians and all concerned that we have established certain protocols in school to enable a healthy and safe environment for both students and teachers.

Welcome to 2022 – We trust you will all have a fantastic start to the year. Show us what ‘Managing-Self’ looks like from Day 1.

It is critical you follow the protocols we have put in place to keep everyone safe, including Yourself!

Your teachers will take you through the expectations, routines and structures we have in place so you know ‘the way we do things” that demonstrate our values.

Reminders:  SELF-CONTROL underpins all of these

  1. self-control  and best manners at all times (managing self)
  2. treat others with absolute respect (relating to others)
  3. follow health and hygiene protocols at all times
  4. doing the best for your community (this includes your class community and school community)
  5. Health and Safety: Covid-19 requirements
  • EVERYONE must wear a mask while on site (apart from eating/drinking), and on the bus
  • Masks are not needed outside when playing (but be mindful of keeping your distance from others)
  • Sanitise on entry/exit
  • wash/dry hands thoroughly before/after eating/playing
  • cough/sneeze into our elbows
  • NO hugs, handshakes or high fives (elbow bumps)
  • Disinfect table tops/desks/door handles at mid-day
  • Bring your own WATER bottle
  • Stay home if unwell (get tested and follow MoH guidelines)
  • Play only in your area during break times(these will be rotated weekly