१५ माघ २०७८

At Api all our students focus on the five tenets of holistic learning.

  • Academic Excellence
  • Character Development
  • Leadership
  • Personal Motivation
  • Physical Development

This approach creates distinctive individuals with the ability to fulfill their own dreams and aspirations. Api School, strives through academics, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to give students the necessary impetus to achieve brilliance.

The infinite potential thatʼs inherent in every child, is thus given a chance to take shape.

We cater to every student and their needs individually by focusing on the following factors:

  • Nurturing talent through the very best in academic and co-curricular activities that equip them to take on the world.
  • Creating champions through facilities and extra-curricular activities that focus on the all-round development of the student.
  • Envisioning a school, that is a home away from home with boarding facilities that closely resemble the childʼs environs.
  • In addition, the school also encourages harmonious existence of students that flock in from varied social strata, culturally and religiously divergent backgrounds.

All students bring their own goals to the classroom and that these goals are the key to their adaptation system. These personal goals give meaning and organization, or in other words purpose, to a studentʼs adaptation processes in the classroom. Doing so requires not only using a kaleidoscope of teaching methods, but also looking beyond these methods to explore the possibilities of enhancing the output of learning using improvised practices that address individual requirements for varied students. This is one of distinguishing features of Api School as compared to its competitor schools. Api believes in innovation, and applies modern, yet, customized system of utilities to motivate, encourage, and let children perform to the best of their abilities.

The Api School curriculum prepares students for life. Our school aims to develop students into independent and successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens – with the view to giving them all the skills, knowledge and capabilities to thrive in a globalized world. From Kindergarten to Year 7, Api focuses on providing equity for every student, and striving for excellence in all areas of education.

Is the child happy, adjusted, secure? Is he thriving; growing in wisdom and stature? If so, we are doing a great job!

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