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Api Money

As part of the reward system Api school has introduced its own money. Students, for every good work accomplished are rewarded with merits which in turn are converted to money and given to students. Students safely keep the money and use it to buy various items of their choice and necessity from the tuck shop at the school. They often buy, stationery items such as pencil, ruler, eraser, note copies, pens, or play toy items.

The basics behind introducing the money, is to give students a message that, “nothing comes for free” and with hard work you earn and with earnings you fulfill your needs. Apart from that, students understand the deeper values behind working sincerely to reaching their goals.

We are working on opening a mini bank of Api where students will manage the bank themselves; keep records of all the transactions; carry on lending and keep savings accounts of fellow students. We are also working on group of companies within Api, where students can buy shares, invest or be part of the company to work toward gaining profits. Right from small age, we encourage students to undertake responsibilities, and develop analytical intuitions.

Apart from everyday use of the money, students feel pride in owning the money and develop a habit of saving it for future needs.

Api Money

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