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Reward Cards

Never underestimate the power of just noticing …. the greatest classroom awards for a student effort is a teacher who cares

awardsEvaluating progress is essential to staying on target. Most schools rely on traditional educational methods of giving tests periodically to evaluate what children h

ave learned. At Api, we opt for broader areas of assessing and evaluating a child’s progress to reach a specific goal, evaluation is simplified: “Did we get from Point A to Point B? If not, let’s figure out why, make adjustments, and try again. If so, let’s move on!”

Most of our evaluations are based on observation and reflection, an everyday, ongoing process. In addition to observation, our children’s progress is being monitored constantly at school, through the steady stream of homework assignments, quizzes, tests, projects, record of behavioral changes and standardized tests. On basis of observation and assessment children are rewarded to push harder toward achieving better results.

Incentives and external motivators, in the form of praises, merits, stars, work recognition cards are issued, which in turn are converted to Api Money.

Rewards help children to put in more effort to achieve the obtainable desired goal that is within the child’s reach. Awards and rewards induce children for improved attention, learning, accuracy, productivity, and positive behavior enhancing on their learning rates and spontaneous use of learning strategies.

“After years of academic struggle, children can’t be expected to bring energy and enthusiasm to the table. So teachers must provide it by communicating with confidence, enthusiasm, and energy that the child can and will make gains.”


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