१५ माघ २०७८

Api School – one of Nepalʼs finest schools, offers highest level of academic excellence in all spheres of its schooling – ranging from Pre-primary to Secondary Level education. Api now built on 14 ropanis of spacious land with itʼs state-of-the-art infrastructure is located in a congenial, peaceful environment away from the everyday clamour of city but at a proximity of just 2.4 kilometres from Samakhushi Chowk in Dhapasi.

Year 2070 B.S., the founding year of Api School, and then, in succeeding years Api team
worked tirelessly with endeavors focused to making it ʻOne of Nepalʼs Finest Schools.ʼ We
feel honored to thank and be grateful to all our parents, teachers, students, and our
well-wishers for the support we received in making Api a national brand and a trusted

We look forward to making years to come even more successful, with more entries of
students, improved infrastructure, enhanced curriculum, and lots of activities added to
the calendar.

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